WordPress Installation

by Vincy. Last modified on August 25th, 2022.

WordPress is the widely used CMS for creating blogs. Installing WordPress is a very easy and simple process. It will take too less time to complete the Installation.

There are many providers in the market makes the one-step WordPress installation possible by clicking the installer tool. In this tutorial, we are going to see the prerequisites and the steps needed to install WordPress in our local system.

Prerequisites: WordPress requires PHP and MySQL. So, before installing we need to ensure that we have PHP and MySQL in our local environment.

If there is no PHP, MySQL in your machine, install them using packages. I prefer XAMPP to install PHP and MySQL easily.

WordPress Installation Steps

The following list includes the steps to be followed to install WordPress in a local environment.

  1. Download the latest version of the WordPress zip from its official website.
  2. Extract the zip file into the PHP root directory.
  3. Save wp-config-sample.php as wp-config.php to configure WordPress with your own settings.
  4. Open WordPress database by using PHPMyAdmin or any other database client you are using.
  5. Run wp-admin/install.php and enter all the mandatory information and submit the form. It will redirect us to log in.

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