My Story

I am Vincy, a software engineer, the founder and the person running Phppot. My native place is a coastal village in south India. I am born in a humble middle class family. My father was a school teacher who worked hard to make ends meet.


When I was an infant, my father attempted to be an entrepreneur. He invested all his savings, with help of additional loan and started a tiny multi utility store.

It didn’t last long. A fire accident ravaged and we lost everything. Back to square one (actually zero). My father buried his dream of entrepreneurship and went on with employment.

I always had those remains in me.

Chennai welcomes you

Immediately after my college education, I moved to Chennai in search of a job in IT. It was little uncommon for girls from my village to venture out alone to a metropolitan city.

We were sent to college with the hopes that we will get a good Groom. Nothing more, nothing less expected. I was rigid in going to a city to work in IT. My father supported.

Chennai was the most happening place and the IT hub of India. I couldn’t get an IT job, but never wanted to go back.

I sold credit cards in the streets, selling software CDs in the market, data entry operator, and that’s a long list for survival.

Software Engineer

Whatsoever I did, I had a copy of a resume in my hand and distributed it to anybody I met. Eventually I landed in my dream job. A start up in Chennai doing web development. I enjoyed every moment of it.

I strongly believe in the startup culture. That electric atmosphere, agile practices, rapid changing targets, array of challenges, play all role (get requirements, design, code, test, documentation, deliver, release management, training, support, and the list goes on).

Pressure cooker scenario will melt, shape and make you a star. Guys, if you are graduating, choose the place where you will work in the initial years carefully. It is not the CMMI levels, skyscraper buildings or the swinging glass doors that is going to shape you. The team and your boss is important.

Do what you love

One fine day, the remains within me woke me up. I became on my own. I started website building services as a one person company from my bedroom. My new born beside me and the laptop on my lap.

Now it is been many years. I own a dedicated office now, things have changed. Phppot earns my living. I love what I do and do what I love.

My setup

An engineer’s page will not be complete without boasting about the setup.

  • 13″ MacBook Pro 2017 – primary machine.
  • Tarkan dock (docked in use, connected via USB-C)
  • LG 29″ Ultrawide monitor.
  • Apple wireless magic keyboard and mouse.
  • An Intel i7, 16 GB Windows 10 machine (assembled) – secondary machine.
  • With Samsung 22″ dual monitors, TVS Gold mechanical keyboard and a basic wired Logitech mouse.
  • A basic JBL headphone.
  • RaspberryPi Zero W with 20×4 LED display for notifications.
  • Sangean PR-D15 Radio on table and Xhdata D-808 radio on the move.
  • Version control using Github and Gitlab private repositories.
  • Business email by Google.
  • Servers in MediaTemple and Dreamhost.
  • VIM is my primary editor and Eclipse occasionally.


I am the person responsible for everything at Phppot. Contact me at vincy@phppot.com for any enquiries, feedback, copyright related matters, inform any errors, for anything and everything.

I provide freelance services and help you to make your web presence better. You can avail my service to right from building tiny components to building full-fledged websites. I guarantee you a high quality and on-time delivery. 

All the articles are written and published by me. Every code presented in the articles are my work. They are uncopyrighted. You can use them on your projects for free. Thank you to the Phppot community for keeping this website live and useful.

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