Terms of Use

This page explains the terms of use of Phppot and last modified on 10 April 2021.

Who we are

Our website address is: https://phppot.com.

Vincy (“I”, “us”, “we”, or “our”) operates the Phppot website (the “Service”).

Terms of Use

  1. I welcome you to have a wonderful experience by using Phppot. ‘We’ or ‘us’ represents Phppot.
  2. Phppot is a blog that publishes how-to articles to help users learn “how to build a website”. It also has a digital goods shop “Phppot Shop” an online software market place for scripts, plugins, templates, themes and web applications. You can buy the products from Phppot Shop and you are not required to become a member in the website.
  3. As of now, all the products sold at Phppot Shop are developed and owned by Phppot.
  4. The complete content published at Phppot, including the website, design, graphic elements, illustrations, images, code and related material are protected under international copyright law. It should not be copied, scanned, reproduced, printed, distributed, broadcasted, published, translated, transmitted, abridged without prior written consent from Phppot.
  5. Your use of Phppot is governed by rules listed in this “Terms of Use” page and “Privacy Policy“. If by any chance you do not agree to any conditions in either of the documents, then we would sadly request you not to use Phppot. I would also encourage you to contact us for any questions you have.
  6. There is no Account membership at Phppot and you do not have any binding to our services. You can visit the website blog for free and read the articles. You can make purchases at the Phppot shop via an integrated payment gateway.
  7. When you buy a product, actually you are not buying that product itself. You are only buying a license to use that product. When you make the purchase you are bound by that license agreement against which you make the purchase. You should make yourself acquainted with the license terms and choose the license type that suits your purpose.
  8. The price for the product varies based on the license type you choose. Other than the license fee, there is no other charges involved. The product price is inclusive of all charges. If there is any tax you are liable to pay according to your jurisdiction, it is your responsibility to take care of it within your limit.
  9. Your usage of Phppot is expected to be fair and abide by the terms of use, agree the privacy policy and honor the license agreement. If we find that you are acting contrary, then we reserve the right to terminate and prohibit you to make purchase at Phppot. If in case, you are debarred once then you shall not attempt to use or make purchase at Phppot.
  10. Phppot strives hard to make the service available 24 hours a day. Sometimes, there are factors that is beyond our control and there is a possibility of a down time. You agree that you accept the downtime. If you incur any loss due to the downtime, Phppot is not liable for that.
  11. We reserve the right to block users and transaction from certain countries, if we are not able to make or receive payments or due to other sanctions.
  12. By making a purchase you are not becoming a partner or joint venture or employment or any other relationship with Phppot.
  13. You are not expected to improperly use the Phppot website by circumnavigating the authentication, authorization, by automatic means through code, subject it to extreme conditions like penetration or load testing, use it via a tool other than a standard browser.
  14. Through Phppot there are places you can interact, discuss by posting content. Example is a demo installation or a support area. You agree not to publish content that is,
    1. abusive, stalking, defamatory, harassing, racially offensive, violent, vulgar, pornographic, sexually explicit, obscene;
    2. an invasion of right of privacy of another person;
    3. stolen, conspiracy to commit criminal activity, drug dealing;
    4. violation of copyright, trademark, patent, intellectual property rights;
    5. advertising content, business related, marketing content, donation request
    6. a virus, any harmful content, spam, troll
  15. All I wish you is a happy stay and my intent is to help you build a website.
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