How to Create and Enable WordPress MultiSite Network

April 2nd, 2018
WordPress Multisite Network is a cluster of independent sites created under a single WordPress Installation. Using this WordPress feature, w

How to Translate WordPress Translation Ready Themes

March 21st, 2018
There are voluminous WordPress themes and plugins available in the market with multilingual support. Volunteering plugins/themes translation

How to Move HTTP to HTTPS on WordPress

March 2nd, 2018
This is a guide to move a WordPress site from HTTP to HTTPS. This is a detailed step by step comprehensive guide and this is based on my exp

Create WordPress Plugin to Show Post Taxonomy Breadcrumbs

February 28th, 2018
WordPress plugins are used to add more features to our WordPress websites. These features are the add-ons that can be plugged into the core

WordPress Related Posts using Google Ads Matched Content

February 20th, 2018
There are many WordPress plugins available on the market to show related posts. We have seen one of those plugins YARPP to display related p

Show Related Posts in WordPress using YARPP Plugin

February 15th, 2018
Showing related posts is one of the best ways to increase the page views of your website. Presenting related articles will logically encoura

How to Add Avatar Defaults in WordPress

July 17th, 2017
Avatar is used to represent a person by using an icon which will generally have a profile photo image. It is catchy to use images instead of

How to Create WordPress Widget

February 28th, 2017
Widgets are used to add content to a WordPress page programmatically without disturbing theme templates. The sidebar is the default area to

How to Create Shortcode in WordPress

February 21st, 2017
In WordPress, Shortcode is a feature to insert content into a post or a page programmatically. Shortcode will work if it is specified inside

Adding Custom Field to WordPress Post

December 5th, 2016
In WordPress there some default fields in add new post form. These are the title, HTML description, category, tags. If we want to add more i

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