How to Text Share on LinkedIn using API in PHP

May 16th, 2021
Example script to implement text share on LinkedIn via API using PHP with easy steps.

Login with Twitter using OAuth1.0a Protocol via API in PHP

December 27th, 2020
Twitter OAuth login implementation with core PHP, download the free lightweight and secure code

Simple PHP LinkedIn OAuth Login Integration

May 25th, 2018
OAuth is an open standard for to provide authentication and authorization based on a token to applications. By integrating LinkedIn OAuth wi

PHP Google OAuth Login

June 22nd, 2014
PHP Google OAuth API allows users to login in a website with their Google credentials. A user with a Google account need not remember yet an

Facebook Open Authentication in PHP

October 28th, 2013
Open authentication is for providing access to the server resources after authorizing users via third party services. It will take place bet

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