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by Vincy. Last modified on July 12th, 2022.

In this tutorial, we are going to see how to create a jQuery slider with parallax animation effect. In a previous tutorial, we have already seen jQuery slider, carousel and more.

In this example, I have implemented the parallax slider simply with few lines of code (less than 40 lines and 3kb only). I have coded this example with the well known and the most widely used functions of the jQuery library.

It is easy to understand the code flow and customize according to your need. In this example, I have positioned the slides one after another using an init() function.

The thumbnails for the slides are listed below the slider image. The slides and the thumbnails are added in a slider container. On clicking this thumbnail image the corresponding slide will be shown to the user by changing the position of the slides.

On changing the slides position the slider container also sliding back and forth in a different level and speed which will create the parallax effect.

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Parallax Slider HTML

The following code shows the HTML for the parallax slider. A slider container element contains the slider images and the thumbnails. The slider images and container background are moving back and forth based on the thumbnail click event.

<div id="parallax-slider-container" class="parallax-slider-container">
	<div class="parallax-bg"></div>
		<ul class="parallax-slider">
			<li id="slide-1" class="slide"><img src="slider/slide-1.jpg" /></li>
			<li id="slide-2" class="slide"><img src="slider/slide-2.jpg" /></li>
			<li id="slide-3" class="slide"><img src="slider/slide-3.jpg" /></li>
			<li id="slide-4" class="slide"><img src="slider/slide-4.jpg" /></li>
			<li id="slide-5" class="slide"><img src="slider/slide-5.jpg" /></li>
			<li id="slide-6" class="slide"><img src="slider/slide-6.jpg" /></li>
		<ul class="thumb-img-container">
			<li id="1" class="thumb-img"><img src="slider/slide-thumb-1.jpg" /></li>
			<li id="2" class="thumb-img"><img src="slider/slide-thumb-2.jpg" /></li>
			<li id="3" class="thumb-img"><img src="slider/slide-thumb-3.jpg" /></li>
			<li id="4" class="thumb-img"><img src="slider/slide-thumb-4.jpg" /></li>
			<li id="5" class="thumb-img"><img src="slider/slide-thumb-5.jpg" /></li>
			<li id="6" class="thumb-img"><img src="slider/slide-thumb-6.jpg" /></li>

jQuery Script for Parallax Slider

The following jQuery script contains the functions to create a  parallax slider. In this script, it invokes an init() function to set the position of all the slides.

On the click event of the thumbnail images, it invokes runSlider() function which creates gives parallax perception on the sliding effect by controlling the speed of the slider and the background displacement.

			var sliderIndex;
				sliderIndex = $(this).attr("id");
	function runParallax(sliderIndex) {				
		var windowWidth = $(window).width();
		var slideWidth = $(".slide").width();
		var slideLeft = (windowWidth/2)-(slideWidth/2);
		var sliderImageCount = parseInt($(".slide").length); 
		if(sliderIndex>0) {
			$( ".parallax-bg" ).animate({
				left: "-"+parseInt((sliderIndex-1)*slideWidth)
			  }, 1500 );
			for(i=1,j=sliderIndex-1;(i<=sliderIndex&&j>=1);i++,j--) {
				$("#slide-"+i).animate({left:"-"+parseInt(j*windowWidth)}, 1500);
			$("#slide-"+sliderIndex).animate({left:slideLeft}, 1500);
				$("#slide-"+i).animate({left:parseInt(counter*windowWidth)}, 1500);
	function initSlider() {
		var windowWidth = $(window).width();
		var slideWidth = $(".slide").width();
		var slideLeft = (windowWidth/2)-(slideWidth/2);
		var sliderImageCount = parseInt($(".slide").length); 
		for(i=1;i<=sliderImageCount;i++) {

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