jQuery Fading Methods

by Vincy. Last modified on July 12th, 2022.

In this tutorial, we are going to know about the list of available jQuery fading methods. There are four methods in jQuery to create fading effects on an HTML element. These are,

  1. fadeIn() – Displaying element to be faded.
  2. fadeOut() – Hiding element with fade-away effect.
  3. fadeTo() – Fading element by changing opacity
  4. fadeToggle() – Showing / Hiding elements with fade-in / fade-away effect respectively.

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HTML Fading Element

This HTML code contains the fading image element and the buttons to call jQuery fading methods.


<div id="menu">
	<input type="button" value="Fade In" id="fade-in" /> <input
		type="button" value="Fade Out" id="fade-out" /> <input type="button"
		value="Fade To" id="fade-to" /> <input type="button"
		value="Fade Toggle" id="fade-toggle" />
<div id="output">
	<img src="fading-photo.png" id="fading-photo" />

jQuery Fading Effect Handing

This code is used for triggering appropriate fading events based on the button click.

$(document).ready(function() {
	$("#fade-in").click(function() {
	$("#fade-out").click(function() {
	$("#fade-to").click(function() {
		$("#fading-photo").fadeTo("slow", 0.5);
	$("#fade-toggle").click(function() {
		$("#fading-photo").fadeToggle("slow", "linear");

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