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How to Add WordPress Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) using Google Authenticator Plugin

January 16th, 2019
Two-factor authentication will give additional security to the site login system. Numerous plugins available to set-up the two-factor authen

How to Integrate Live Chat with WooCommerce to Boost Sales

November 30th, 2018
As a chat-like medium is one of the important features for an eCommerce software, Let's integrate Quick Chat on WooCommerce Store.

How to Backup WordPress Database

November 26th, 2018
Backup WordPress database can be done in various ways. Both manual, programming export methods for taking WordPress database backup are disc

Set Featured Image for WordPress Post or Page

October 20th, 2018
In this article, we shall learn how to set featured image for a WordPress post or page for branding. The featured images are used to reflect

How to Limit Login Attempts in WordPress

October 17th, 2018
In this tutorial, we are going to see how to limit login attempts in WordPress. By limiting the number of invalid login attempts, we can pro

How to Force Logout All Users from WordPress Site

October 10th, 2018
In a multi-user WordPress site, some scenarios make the administrator to Force log out all users. This bulk action will clear the logged in

eCommerce Website set up using WordPress WooCommerce

October 5th, 2018
Building an eCommerce website will be very easy with WordPress and WooCommerce. There are many eCommerce CMS available in the market. As bei

How to Create a Child Page in WordPress

September 19th, 2018
In WordPress, the Pages and Posts are the two main content types. Both could be seen as very similar while adding content. But the way of us

How to Install a WordPress Plugin for Beginners

September 10th, 2018
WordPress plugins are used to enable addon features to the web application developed in WordPress. Many features do not come with the WordPr

How to Redirect Your WordPress Blog Readers to a Random Post

August 24th, 2018
The ‘redirect to random post’ option will be useful for the WordPress or other bloggers, online tutorials website, or any other

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