How to Create a Child Page in WordPress

September 19, 2018
In WordPress, the Pages and Posts are the two main content types. Both could be seen as very similar while adding content. But the way of using them is totally different according to WordPress. The WordPress Posts are the actual blog content, where the pages are meta, yeah mostly. The Pages are used to add content about […]
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How to Install a WordPress Plugin for Beginners

September 10, 2018
WordPress plugins are used to enable addon features to the web application developed in WordPress. Many features do not come with the WordPress core by default. So, if we need to extend the functionality for the WordPress application, then we need use the plugins. There are many plugins available in the market for WordPress for […]
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How to Redirect Your WordPress Blog Readers to a Random Post

August 24, 2018
The ‘redirect to random post’ option will be useful for the WordPress or other bloggers, online tutorials website, or any other article directory.  This option is to randomize the selection of one among the vast collection of articles from the article directory which will be quiet interesting. Being a surprise factor, the ‘redirect to random post’ […]
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How to Create an Image Gallery in WordPress

August 10, 2018
Image gallery is always an attractive element in a webpage. Tiling up the photo thumbnails in an application viewport is joyous part of webdesign. There are so many different ways for designing an image gallery. WordPress has a native feature for creating an image gallery, are you aware of it? This WordPress image gallery feature has […]
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How to Import External Images in WordPress

July 30, 2018
WordPress has an import tool to import posts and feed data from external systems like Blogger, Tumblr. There are plugins like Import External Images, Auto Upload Images available for importing the image data from external domains into your WordPress site. After importing data with WordPress Importer if you have missed some of the media images then you can use this […]
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How to Embed Video from Facebook in WordPress

July 25, 2018
Inserting media elements like image or video to a WordPress post will enrich your blog post and make it quite interesting for the readers. Users wish to catch the core concept in a quick glance. Presenting content in the right way will turn your blog visitors to be your followers. Adding video to a WordPress […]
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How to Display the Last Updated Date of Post in WordPress

June 5, 2018
It is better to display the last updated date in the articles in addition to the created date. This will always help the readers to ascertain the freshness of the post. It can be done easily in a WordPress site. There are two ways using which the last updated date can be displayed. The first […]
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How to Limit the Archive Menu List in WordPress

May 24, 2018
In WordPress blog, the archive menu list will contain all the posts and generally as a chronological list. By clicking the date from the archive menu, we can see the list of posts published on the selected date. The wp_get_archives() function is used to display the date-based archives index in our WordPress template. By default, the […]
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How to Create WordPress Custom Page Template

May 22, 2018
WordPress provides a default template for page creation. That may not be sufficient for our needs in certain situations. In our WordPress installation we may have a need to group a set of pages and display them in a common layout. Similarly we may have to create multiple different layout groups. In such a situation […]
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Displaying WordPress Recent Posts of a Specified Category

May 18, 2018
Generally, the WordPress recent posts are displayed in the descending order of the date of publishing. This recent list of posts can be of any category under which it is posted. If you want to list the recent posts by a specified category, then this WordPress post will be helpful for you to implement it in […]
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