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Command Line PHP

August 25, 2014
Using PHP though command line is possible and we will see about how to do it in this tutorial. Generally, PHP is used for creating web-based applications. There are occasions where PHP script can be used apart from regular web applications such as, automatic mail sending, cron job for getting backup, automatic log tracking and […]

PHP jQuery Dynamic Textbox

July 21, 2014
This tutorial helps to add or remove textbox dynamically using jQuery and PHP. It also describes how to read the values of dynamically created textboxes and save them to the database. Save textbox HTML in separate file. Load and append dynamic textbox. Remove textbox item on delete event. Read and insert data to database on […]

jQuery AJAX Pagination

July 10, 2014
In this tutorial, we are going to see simple code for pagination using jQuery AJAX and PHP. This code will have first, last, previous, next and other pagination links. On clicking each link it invokes AJAX handler to request for a limited page results from database. The steps for implementing jQuery AJAX pagination are, Sending […]

PHP Google OAuth Login

June 22, 2014
PHP Google OAuth API allows users to login to a website with their Google credentials. User with a Google account need not remember yet another username/password for a web application. This PHP tutorial is to learn about setting up an authentication system for your custom web application using Google OAuth. In an earlier tutorial we […]

Responsive Web Design

May 2, 2014
Responsive web design(RWD) is a methodology for designing web page in such a way that it adapts to various devices’ screen resolutions. This is done by styling HTML elements based on the media screen features. For example, it will will be done by, resizing images, videos. wrapping webpage columns with respect to reading priority. controlling […]

PHP Session Configuration

April 24, 2014
PHP has several configuration directives to control session handling process like session upload and URL rewriting. These are set with PHP configuration file php.ini. To know the values that are set we can use phpinfo() function. For example I get the following. In this PHP tutorial, we are going to see about few important session […]

PHP CSV File Read

April 4, 2014
This tutorial is to help you to read a CSV file or data. Character Separated Values(CSV) or Comma Separated Values is a file type containing plain text content with comma or a character as separators. It is a convenient form to store simple data. PHP has two in-built functions to read CSV file. fgetcsv() – […]

PHP Watermark

January 30, 2014
Adding watermark in PHP is very simple. It can be done using PHP image libraries like GD. Using GD functions, we can use text or image as watermark on to a target layer/document. PHP / GD Text Watermarking Text watermarking functions are, imagestring() – Adding text string into images imagettftext() – Adding text into images […]

PHP AJAX Image Upload

January 3, 2014
In this tutorial let us learn about how to upload an image file using PHP and AJAX. We are using jQuery AJAX to send image file to the server side PHP script. Steps for PHP AJAX Image Upload, Add jQuery library Create HTML for image upload form Send file data to PHP via AJAX Write […]


December 30, 2013
BLOB is a kind of MySQL datatype referred as Binary Large Objects. As its name it is used to store huge volume of data as binary strings as similar as MYSQL BINARY and VARBINARY types. Classification of MySQL BLOB MySQL BLOB Types Maximum Storage Length (in bytes) TINYBLOB ((2^8)-1) BLOB ((2^16)-1) MEDIUMBLOB ((2^24)-1) LONGBLOB ((2^32)-1) […]

Load Dynamic Data using jQuery

December 12, 2013
There are many ways to load dynamic data using jQuery. For example, Sending jQuery AJAX call to PHP for dynamic data to be loaded. Creating HTML with dynamic data and load it into target DIV. In this tutorial, we are going use the second method to load dynamic data into a listbox. Let us see […]

Send Email in PHP using Gmail SMTP

December 5, 2013
In this tutorial, let us see how to send email in PHP using PHPMailer library via Gmail SMTP. Sending email in PHP can be done with various mail transfer libraries available. For example,  PHPMailer, PEAR::Mail interface. These libraries provide advanced features like SMTP authentication and more. Sending email with PHP’s core function mail() is simpler. […]

How to Create a Minimal WordPress Theme

December 4, 2013
Creating a minimal WordPress custom theme is simple. In this tutorial let us walkthrough the steps to create a WordPress theme. Create new theme folder. Create WordPress theme-specific files like header, footer and stylesheets. Add styles to the new theme.  Before starting with these steps, it is better to have a local setup of WordPress. […]

MySQL Database Files

November 28, 2013
In MySQL database installation, a directory has set of files which contains database metadata and data. That is, the database schema and containing values. These files are, .frm – contains schema .myd – contains data .myi – contain indices All the above list of files may not be available in MySQL database directory. It is […]

jQuery ThickBox

November 27, 2013
jQuery ThickBox is a kind of popup dialog overlay on top of the browser window. This is a UI widget written in JavaScript by Cody Lindley using jQuery library. ThickBox can be displayed based on events like onClick, onMouseDown, etc. jQuery ThickBox Features While showing ThickBox, it disables background screen and prevents user to interact […]