PHP Globals with EGPCS Information

by Vincy. Last modified on July 2nd, 2022.

EGPCS is the variable parsing order configured as the value of the variable_order directive in the PHP configuration file. It is used to configure the order of PHP superglobal variables $_ENV, $_GET, $_POST, $_COOKIE and $_SERVER.

These global array elements are merged together and stored in the $_REQUEST array. If we store values in an EGPCS array with the same index, then, the variable parsing order affects $_REQUEST values.

$_REQUEST Data based on variable_order Directive

In the PHP code below shows $_GET, $_POST, $_COOKIE with the same array index. Let the variable_order be configured as GCP.

$_GET["keyword"] = "search-action";
$_POST["keyword"] = "Search";
$_COOKIE["keyword"] = "Temp";

The PHP print_r() function prints $_REQUEST array values as below. It shows the value of $_POST since P is the latest one specified in the variable_order settings.

   [keyword] = Search

variable_order and register_globals

In the older PHP version, it had the feature named register_globals. When the register_globals is set as “ON” then, the PHP will automatically register the super global elements as the variables. these variables can be found in the global scope.

For example, the $_GET[“keyword”], $_POST[“keyword”] and $_COOKIE[“keyword”] variables from the above example can also be used as $keyword. The value will be based on the variable_order. Since it caused security issues, this feature is removed from PHP as of version 5.4.0

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Comments to “PHP Globals with EGPCS Information”

  • Jimmy says:

    “the global array data are loaded in the same order listed above”.

    Not so. The order can be controlled in php.ini. Also, which of these that is populated, or not, is controlled in php.ini. Do not expect that these are always available, or always populated in the same order.

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