Freelancer and Importance of Timing

by Vincy. Last modified on May 26th, 2021.

It is indeed undeniable that you are skilful and valiant, which is why you’ve relinquished your cosy day job and chosen to be a freelancer. We all belong to a special breed of people.

Being a freelancer as such you would have got your foot in the door but to stay so, you need to strategize your vision and plan your time. We certainly do not want our hard earned victory to lose its weight of a simple Facebook comment, Do we?

Well, we are good in what we do but it is with the way that we perform that our rivals find fault. Check this neatly drafted layout which would help you plan your schedule, manage your time optimally and ultimately make you move up in the freelancer world.

Freelance Schedule

To start with, all that has to be initiated is a daily work schedule. Previously we were programmed to work on a schedule. Now, we aren’t bound of compulsion to stick on to it.

Rather, our conviction demands organisation at a larger scale to take our freelance business aboveboard. Fix the number of hours that you are about to freelance every day. Make sure the number doesn’t fall below 8.

You need not necessarily start at nine and end at five. After all it’s your day, your work and your life. It is your right to be relaxed.

On the other hand, you are expected to stay professional as well. Once you have fixed the number of hours, tune your mind accordingly. Set up a desirable workplace and make sure you wouldn’t be disturbed when working.

Importantly, think of your family, your wife, your children or any one you love the most, for whom you earn, to be your boss so that you will never fall off schedule or take your work for granted.

Project and Time

After getting accustomed to this routine wheel of work, beware in choosing your projects. It is obvious that your skills would pull you more clients as a freelancer but we need to consider the bigger picture before picking.

You might be a front-end developer or an end to end PHP freelancer, stay on to your familiar ground until you establish yourself. Being an eager beaver is good but you ought to be smart in order to get a healthy launch.

Rather working on bigger projects with inadequate experience, it is wise to choose easy ones and gain name as we start. With easy ones, you could even work on multiple projects simultaneously and show your clients that you are capable of working quick and on time.


Project Plan

When you choose a project, make it a practice of designing a project schedule before starting. Include everything that could probably come on the way. Determine the number of hours that the project would need on a day.

To have a quality communication as a freelancer, you need to have a good project plan in hand. Consolidate the number of hours and the work before making a promise. This is the point where you need to stay smart.

Rather pressuring yourself with deadlines, date your deadline at least a couple of days or a week ahead of the actual time that you will need to complete the project. In freelance, under-promise and over-deliver.

In doing so you shall have ample time to review your work and rectify the errors and if there are none, you could deliver the project before the deadline and seek good will as a freelancer.


The dangerous aspect of living as a freelancer is that often puts us off schedule is procrastination. Even the greatest freelancer tend to fall of this.

This does nothing but deceives us of the little time and makes us push the work to be completed later. We fall for it and get stuck with the accumulated work. This is how our precious time gets vanished into thin air. How cunning! Here is a simple way to tackle this monster.

Whenever you feel tired and think of procrastinating the work, split the huge task into multiple smaller ones. Arrange them and choose the easiest or the one that you like doing.

Make sure you aren’t distracted. Get down to work on the simplest of all. This will definitely help you to become a successful PHP freelancer like me. That’s it, your client shall see you working all day as fresh as a daisy.

Now, just think of the feedback that would come by if you could practice these steps.

  • With the determination to work daily, you shall see you staying motivated all along.
  • By choosing freelance projects under your mastered skills repeatedly, you shall turn out to be the expert of it.
  • By staying smart and delivering products beforehand, you shall be the best freelancer in the market.
  • And finally, beyond everything by tackling procrastination, you shall sleep well of job satisfaction.

Pick time before it ticks and you shall see things coming up roses.

Written by Vincy, a web developer with 15+ years of experience and a Masters degree in Computer Science. She specializes in building modern, lightweight websites using PHP, JavaScript, React, and related technologies. Phppot helps you in mastering web development through over a decade of publishing quality tutorials.

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