Generate PDF from HTML with JavaScript and Example

May 12th, 2022
A detailed explanation on the variety of available libraries, tools to generate PDF from HTML with example codes.

HTML Invoice to PDF in JavaScript: JSPDF Example

August 4th, 2021
Example code to convert a HTML invoice template into PDF in JavaScript using jsPDF library that loads dynamic content into PDF.

HTML to PDF in Javascript using jsPDF with Example Download

July 13th, 2021
Example of JavaScript PDF creation on the client-side using jsPDF JavaScript library by reading and supplying the HTML file content.

Converting HTML into Multi-page PDF using JavaScript library

June 1st, 2021
Converting HTML to multi-page PDF by using UI template source and jsPDF JavaScript library functions.

How to use js PDF Library to generate PDF from HTML

May 25th, 2021
A simple example to convert HTML to PDF using js PDF JavaScript library. The input HTML file is converted to PDF document.

Get Geolocation with Country by IP Address in PHP

May 3rd, 2021
Get and parse the geolocation data with country name and code from visitors' IP address via API services programatically.

How to Generate Dynamic XML Sitemap for Website in PHP

April 6th, 2021
Simple solution on how to create a custom dynamic XML sitemap generator in PHP with MySQL database.

How to Batch Import Huge CSV Fast using PHP (Million Records in Seconds)

January 17th, 2021
How to read a huge CSV file and import it fast (millions of records in seconds)

Extract images from URL in excel with PHP using PhpSpreadsheet

August 7th, 2019
Extracting images from URL read from an excel is a most wanted requirement during the application development. It helps to prepare pictorial

How to Handle CSV with PHP: Read Write, Import Export with Database

February 8th, 2019
Article to learn about CSV file and how to handle CSV data like read, write, import and export with database using PHP built-in functions.

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