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Import Excel File into MySQL Database using PHP

March 14, 2018
Database backup and restore is the most important thing in maintaining a software. Periodical automatic backup is a must for any project. If in case, there is an unknown security flaw and that affects your system, then your backup is the holy grail to save you. Exporting database into a backup file may be used […]
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Sage Pay Payment Gateway Integration using PHP

March 9, 2018
Sage Pay payment gateway integration is easier to implement in websites. Sage Pay provides API access for requesting payment process from our website. This type of payment integration can be done in three ways using Sage Pay checkout pages, Sage Pay drop-in checkout and using own form. People having experience in any kind of payment integration […]
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PHP Image Upload with Size Type Dimension Validation

March 8, 2018
File upload feature requires basic validations to sanitize the user input. There is a huge chance of exploiting a file upload option with malicious intent. Improper implementation of a file upload input increases security vulnerability. We need to validate the uploaded files before saving them on the server to reduce the vulnerability. View Demo I […]
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Convert HTML to PDF with DocRaptor

March 7, 2018
Generating PDFs is a common programming task. PDFs are used to make invoices, receipts, eBooks, publishing documents and more. Unfortunately, programmatic generation of PDF can be difficult, especially if you need to generate many PDFs rapidly. DocRaptor is an HTML-to-PDF API that greatly simplifies the problem, and they have a PHP library for easy integration. […]
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Show Image Thumbnail by YouTube Video URL using PHP

February 27, 2018
Thumbnails are used for preview a single or group of media entities in a single explorer window. By showing thumbnails, we can have a shortcut or quick-view to see more voluminous data without navigation. Websites use thumbnails to showcase content in a gallery format. For example, the online shopping cart websites showcase their product gallery with image thumbnails. […]
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PHP Price Range Search using jQuery Slider

February 26, 2018
jQuery UI slider is used for selecting min-max ranges to perform the range based operations like search, validation and more. The min-max ranges are set by using the two drag handles of the jQuery UI slider. After setting the min and the max ranges the selected area between the two drag handles is highlighted. View […]
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Import CSV File into MySQL using PHP

February 24, 2018
In this tutorial, I will walk you through PHP code to import CSV file into MySQL database by parsing the comma-separated data. The input CSV file is sent via a HTML form. There are various ways to read the CSV data and check my previous linked article for a different option. I used fgetcsv() function to read the database table column […]
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Restore MySQL Database using PHP

February 19, 2018
Restoring database via a program can be used in an application where dynamic loading is required. It can also be used to build a custom MySQL client application. I have already written about taking backup of a database through code, in the article How to Backup MySQL Database using PHP and you can download the code and […]
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PHP Image Upload using TinyMCE Editor

February 12, 2018
TinyMCE is the popular WYSIWYG HTML Editor. It stands for Tiny Moxiecode Content Editor. It supports text formatting, image upload and modification, table insert and more features. TinyMCE rich text editor allows uploading images from various sources. It has input options to paste the image source URL, to select images from the clipboard and choose […]
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Freelancer and Importance of Timing

February 6, 2018
It is indeed undeniable that you are skilful and valiant, which is why you’ve relinquished your cosy day job and chosen to be a freelancer. We all belong to a special breed of people. Being a freelancer as such you would have got your foot in the door but to stay so, you need to […]
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