This page explains how you can get support for purchases done via Phppot shop. It is last revised on 10 April 2021.

Support is my speciality. This is where I win my competition. I promise that, you will get the best-in-class support.

  1. All the purchases gets a free support for a duration of three months. The free support period starts from the date of purchase.
  2. Based on the licenses you purchase, the support period may increase.

Support includes the following:

  1. Installation: A manual to help you install and configure the Product. It will be provided along with the purchase. In addition, I will guide you to install and configure the Product.
  2. Updates: You can get releases of the Product released during the support period.
  3. Defects: Any defects reported will be fixed.

Support DOES NOT include the following:

  1. Data entry to the Product.
  2. Data migration from your existing software.

How to ask for support?

Send an email to with appropriate Subject and detailed message. Before you initiate the support request, ensure that you have,

  1. The minimum required software is available.
  2. Read through the manual.

Details needed to provide timely support

  1. Steps to reproduce the issue with screenshot if possible.
  2. Link to your installation.
  3. In situations when the issue is related to your environment, I may need access to your setup.


I offer my services for enhancements and maintenance. If you require a function or feature, that is not available in the Product, I can code it for you as a service for a fee.

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