Support Policy

This document provides the details of the support policy and is applicable for purchases done in my digital goods shop. It was last revised on 17 June 2019.

Important Notice

Before you make a purchase,

  1. you must read through the product description.
  2. browse through the screenshots.
  3. play-around with the demo installation of the Product.
  4. watch the video if available.

This is for you to ensure that the Product has the functionality and feature you expect. The support promised to you is based on these only.

Terms of the Policy

  1. All the purchases gets a free support for a duration of three months. The free support period starts from the date of purchase.
  2. During the purchase, you have an option to extend the support to twelve months including the free support period.
  3. When you report a defect, if I am not able to reproduce it, then you should grant me access to your environment to analyze the situation.
  4. Support includes the following:
    1. Installation: A sufficient document to help you install and configure the Product will be provided along with the purchase.
    2. Installation: If you require, I will guide you via email to install the Product and configure it.
    3. Updates: You can get updates of the Product released during the support period for free.
    4. Defects: Any defects reported during the support period will be fixed and patch delivered exclusively. Please refer the definition for the term ‘Defect’ at the end of this page.
    5. Enhancements: If you require a function or feature, that is not available in the Product, I can code it for you as a service for a fee.
  5. Support DOES NOT include the following:
    1. Installation, preparation, setup or configuration of your environment. To run the software, it will require basic setup like Apache server, PHP, database etc. You should have all these required software ready to use.
    2. Data entry or import to the Product.
    3. Configuring third-party applications. For example, configuring Facebook APP to get API keys.
    4. Performance optimization for response time or throughput or any other parameters.

Defect – Definition and Terms

The term defect may seem obvious but it varies largely based on the context. Coming up with a general term for defect is tedious. To define a framework and understanding between us, I define defect as “a condition which does not meet a requirement as stated in Product description page”. It is an error that causes the Product to malfunction and produce incorrect results.

Patches for a defect fix or a new release of the complete Product will be delivered to you.

Minimum Requirements

  1. Apache Server with PHP 7.1 or above and MySQL / MariaDB database.
  2. Latest versions of Google Chrome or Safari or Firefox browser.

How to ask for support?

Send an email to with appropriate Subject and detailed message.

Before you initiate the support request, ensure that you have,

  1. The above minimum requirements met with.
  2. Read through the “readme.txt” file provided along with the product bundle.

Details I need to support you

  1. Screenshot of the error message.
  2. If you are using SMTP then, SMTP host, port, username, password, tls or ssl. If you are not able to understand this list, please talk to your email/hosting service provider to get these.
  3. Send your Config.php, DataSource.php or any configuration files applicable to the product you have purchased.
  4. Link to your installation.
  5. FTP access to your installation. Need FTP host, username, password. Please do not send your hosting control panel access details. Send only the FTP account details.
  6. If the product uses a database, PHPMyAdmin URL to access your database, username and password.
  7. Optional: PHP version of your server.