There are two types of licenses under which you can buy a product. This page provides a summary of those two licenses and links to their detail pages.

License Types

All the Product sold in the shop are covered by either a ‘User License’ or a ‘ Developer License‘. In summary, ‘User License’ is applicable when the Buyer does not want to make any customization to the Product via code change and ‘Developer License’ otherwise.

License Highlights

User License
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Developer License
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You shall not make any customizations to the product. You can make customizations to the product as per your requirements.
You will use the product as an enduser via a running instance. You are a developer and intend to customize or enhance the product for an end user.
The product cannot be deployed to provide Software As A Service (SAAS). Software As A Service (SAAS) is allowed.
You shall not rebrand the product. You can rebrand the product for your use.

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