MySQL OrderBy

by Vincy. Last modified on June 2nd, 2021.

MySQL orderby clause is used to order results based on a column. Orderby clause is used in select queries to do sort by specifying the column order (asc, desc). If no order is given, then asc is the default order. Syntax,

SELECT * FROM table_name ORDER BY column_name desc

Using Orderby clause we can get ordered results based on multiple columns.

Example: Sorting MySQL Table Records using ORDER BY

This is the student table containing student_name, student_email and applied_date columns.

First, we are going to write a query to order this table data by using single column student_name in descending order. The query is like,

SELECT * FROM students ORDER BY student_name DESC


After running this query, the student’s table results will be like,


Next, we are writing a query with order by two columns applied_date and student_name . The query is,

SELECT * FROM students ORDER BY applied_date DESC, student_name DESC

This query will sort students records in descending order. If any number if these records have same value for applied_date, then, these records will be sorted by the student_name column in descending order. Now, the result is,


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