jQuery Autocomplete with XML Data Source

June 3, 2018
Autocomplete feature is a typeahead mechanism to show input suggestion to the user. It is a common UI/UX feature in applications to intuitively help the user with input. For example, in an internal messaging system, it will be comfortable if the To-Address field is a typeahead field. By typing on this field the list of selectable autocomplete […]
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jQuery UI Color Picker without Bootstrap

May 23, 2018
There are many popular colorpicker plugins available in the market. Previously, we have seen an example to implement jQuery colorpicker with Bootstrap.  There are many websites that that do not prefer to use Bootstrap for UI citing reasons that Bootstrap is too heavy. So in this article let use how to implement a color picker […]
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Changing DIV Background using Bootstrap Colorpicker

April 18, 2018
Bootstrap Colorpicker is a GUI widget which can be used to show a color pallet to pick colors. This is a jQuery based Bootstrap plugin. Using this plugin, an HTML element will be bound to show the color picker. We can easily implement color picker in our application using this Bootstrap library. It makes our job […]
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Twitter Like Character Count Validation using jQuery

February 8, 2018
Twitter uses character count to restrict number of characters input by the user on a text input area. We can see many websites having content area restricted by the character limitation. They will also show the allowed character count near the content area. This count will be updated with the remaining character count on typing text dynamically […]
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Responsive Image Slideshow using jQuery

January 17, 2018
Image slideshow is the best way of presenting photos that we want to showcase. In this tutorial, I created the image slideshow which is responsive to the various view port by scaling up / down based on the screen size. I used ResponsiveSlides.js for creating responsive image slideshow. This is a jQuery plugin which makes our […]
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jQuery Credit Card Validator

January 10, 2018
In this tutorial, we are going to see, how to do credit card validation using jQuery. When the user submits his card details, then the jQuery code will be called to validate the data submitted by the user. We have already seen several of examples for validating user input submitted via the form.  In this example, […]
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How to Code Tic Tac Toe Game in jQuery

January 4, 2018
In this article, we are going to learn to code the Tic Tac Toe game using jQuery. I will present you a code and it will show a single player Tic Tac Toe game panel to the user. In this game, the user will play with the computer. It is designed with the simple logic to […]
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Loading Dynamic Content on a Bootstrap Modal using jQuery

December 28, 2017
Modal window can be shown in various ways by using jQuery, Bootstrap and others. In this tutorial, we are going to show the Bootstrap modal with dynamically loaded content. The content is stored in a Database table which is retrieved and loaded dynamically into the modal body. In a previous tutorial, we have seen how […]
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Sticky Social Icons in Sidebar using jQuery

November 18, 2017
Sharing webpage to the social media is used to gain enormous reach for our webpage. So adding social icons to the webpage is very important to let the readers share your article. Readers want to share the website at any moment while they are reading your page. So, it would be better to give high visibility […]
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Bouncing Ball Animation using jQuery

October 23, 2017
This article is to create a bouncing ball animation effect using jQuery. Just a quick fun post. This animation effect is created based on different parameters like the bouncing count, speed and etc. In a previous tutorial, we have seen more examples of working with jQuery animation. For example, jQuery background animation on page scroll, […]
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