Alerted as Malware by Google

Oh man! this is very bad. This is really poor promotion for PHP.

Google safe browsing alerts saying that is a malware host. Looks like somebody had hacked it, and hosted some malicious JS.

Hope the malware that has creeped into the website will be cleared and most importantly, how it creeped into the site should be found out and fixed.


Already we are taking lot of attacks from Java guys. server admin or webmaster or whoever is incharge, please fix this as soon as possible.

Some from the developers community claim that, it is a false positive. Whatever it may be, it has to be fixed quick, period!

PHP has got nothing to do with this. It is all because of individual’s mistake and can happen to any website in the world. Couple of weeks back it happened for microsoft site.

infected info

This PHP code tutorial was published on October 24, 2013.

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