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A secure, feature rich and easily customizable user management system

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  • Seamless security, oAuth social authentication and role based access privilege authorization.
  • Standards based code structure, easy to understand and customize.
  • Easy setup, member management and built-in integrations.
  • Facebook login, activity log and session management.

Best-in-class security

Built with security as the prime focus. Safe from SQL injection, CSRF attack, XSS attack and standard security measures in place.

Easy customization

Code is sleek, modular, separated in layers for easy understanding and customization. PSR standard compliant source code with optimum comments. Easy to understand, enhance and maintain.

User management

Admin can create users via the control panel or allow the users to register and signup on the system. Facebook oAuth login can be enabled. Admin can choose any or all of these via control panel.

Access management

Role based access privilege control authorization. Admin can manage access for users at functionality level with just a click of a button.

Admin control

Admin has complete control over the application. Every aspect of the application behavior can be configured via the admin control panel. Right from tracking user activity to restricting permission, all levels can be done via the control panel.


By default the application comes with English and German languages. You can add a new language in just minutes.

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More Features

  • 100% responsive, works well in mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop devices.
  • Facebook OAuth login integrated.
  • Google reCaptcha integrated.
  • Option to send email via SMTP, PHP’s mail(), Sendmail and Qmail.
  • Built using pure PHP without depending on any heavy frameworks.
  • Standard web application security in place.
  • CSRF, XSS and SQL injection protection.
  • You can customize the UI theme look in minutes.
  • ChartJs integrated.
  • Monolog integrated which will facilitate easy logging.
  • Activity log to keep track of user actions.
  • Features can be enabled or disabled via the Admin control panel itself.
  • PSR standards compliant source code with good comments.
  • With product, you will get detailed manual.
  • Modular, layer based and structured code for easy understanding and customization.
  • Normalized relational database structure.
  • You can change the logo to everything and rebrand the product to suit your needs.
  • Role based access privilege. You can control access to users at functionality level.
  • Members can be created via control panel or allowed to signup or allowed to login via Facebook.
  • Mult-language enabled. Comes default with English and German. New language can be added in minutes.

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For individual enthusiasts

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Package contents

Frequently asked questions

Will you help me for installation and configuration setup?

Yes, of course I will support you and make sure that the user management system goes live in your website.

Is there a documentation available?

Yes. You will get detailed documentation as part of the bundle.

  • An elaborate HTML manual
  • Extensive code level comments

Do I need to learn any PHP frameworks to use this?

No. It is built using pure PHP only. There is no dependency on frameworks.

Can I add an “About” and “Contact” page?

Yes. You can add as many pages you want. Adding a page like “About” is simple and straightforward. If you need support, you can always email me and I will help you out.

Can I run it as SAAS application?

Yes. You should buy the “Company License”.

Is there any obfuscated or encrypted code or plugin in the application?

No. You will get 100% complete source code. You can customize any code as you wish.

Minimum requirements

  • PHP 5.6 or 7.x or 8.0 (PHP 5.6 or any version above).
  • MySQL or MariaDB database.

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