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Hera is a shopping cart software using which you can convert your existing website or blog into an ecommerce store. It is light-weight and built with focus on high performance.

It comes with rich features like different types of add to cart buttons, single page checkout, with or without database, option to send order emails, integrated payment gateway, tax and shipping charges. You have configuration option to enable or disable all these features.

Who can use Hera shopping cart?

  • Micro and small shop owners.
    • Those who have a small portfolio of products. Best suited for a one product shopping cart and to a maximum of 100 products.
  • Can be used for selling digital goods like E-books, media files, icons, images, themes, plugins, software and art work.
  • Can be used for food delivery online shopping carts.
  • Can be used as a grocery, fresh food delivery shopping cart software.
  • Those who wish to own their software (platform), customer and sales data. By purchasing Hera, you own the license to use, customize and extend it.
    • You are not bounded by any contract.
    • No need for a monthly payment or subscription. You will make only a one time payment.
    • You own your valuable sales data.

It is flexible and you can configure it to suit your needs in minutes. If you wish to enable shopping cart functionality to sell products online using your blog or website, then Hera is the right choice for you.

Advantages of using Hera

Hera is going to be a part of an existing website therefore it,

  • is lightweight with blazing performance.
  • is easy to setup and go live.
  • will integrate seamlessly without being obtrusive.
  • be simple to customize and extend.

Assume that you are running a small website and have a small portfolio of products like for example a set of ebooks or video courses, then you can integrate Hera and convert your website into an ecommerce shop in minutes.


The webpage using which you display the products is called a storefront.

  • It might be a gallery where you have multiple products on the same page.
  • A single page which displays a product.
  • A combination of the both of these.
  • Even it can be a small widget in your sidebar, which display a product.

So in essence, storefront is a website or webpage that has a portfolio, gallery, list, table or individual item of products. You should have a storefront, which can be converted to ecommerce website using Hera.

Shopping Cart Software

The ability to choose the products, add it to a cart, checkout, make payment and receive confirmation are provided by a shopping cart software. Hera is a such a shopping cart using which you can provide ecommerce services.

  • Add to Cart, quantity input, buy now buttons.
  • Checkout panel (cart page) that displays the items added to a cart and gets customer details.
  • On checkout forwards to a payment gateway (PayPal) for processing payment. (Optional)
  • Show the order completion page.
  • Send order confirmation detail in email. (Optional)
  • Store the transaction details in a database (Optional)


You should already have a storefront, that is a website or webpage that lists the products for order.

Following are the list of functionality and features provided by Hera to enable shopping cart in your website.

Integration with Storefront

  • Different types of buttons to enable your user to choose the product.
    • Add to cart – adds product to the user’s cart session.
    • Add to cart with quantity option.
    • Add to cart works using AJAX and does not refreshes the page. The user will feel at ease and will result in better conversion and sales.
    • Buy now – adds product to the user’s cart session and redirects to checkout page.
    • Buy now with quantity option.
  • Cart icon
    • Option to embed a cart icon, which has a link to the checkout page and also displays the number of products added to the users cart.
    • This is generally used in the websites header.
  • Checkout
    • A single page checkout experience.
    • You can either design your own checkout page and integrate Hera’s checkout panel or you can use the complete checkout page provided.
    • Option to edit the products added in the cart. The quantity can be updated and products can be removed.
    • Input form to get customer information like name, email and country.
    • Checkout page is kept as simple as possible and optimized to reduce dropouts.
  • Payment Gateway (Optional via configuration)
    • PayPal payment gateway integration.
    • Using a payment gateway is optional, you can enable or disable it via configuration.
    • If you choose to enable, from checkout page use will be redirected to PayPal for payment processing.
    • PayPal instant payment notification (IPN) page, which will listen for callback from PayPal and do backend processing like order update and send order emails.
  • A thank you page
    • An order completion page that will be the last step in the order processing. You can choose to configure it in the shopping cart flow.
  • Database (Optional via configuration)
    • You can choose to enable or disable the database usage. 
    • If you choose to enable database, the order details will be stored in a database which includes the customer information and their respective order details.
  • Order Email (Optional via configuration)
    • You can choose to enable or disable order email.
    • If you choose to enable order email, an email message will be sent to the customer and admin with the order details.
    • You can configure the recipients of your choice.
    • You can edit the email template.
    • You can choose the email delivery mechanism, smtp or PHP’s mail().
  • Shipping charges (Optional via configuration)
    • You can choose to add shipping charge individual product wise.
  • Tax (Optional via configuration)
    • You can choose to charge a tax on the purchase cost.

Change Log

16 Jul 19 - Version 2.3.0:    
    - Added: Digital download shop option.
    - Added: Option to add tax in checkout page.
	- Updated: PHP version upgrade to support 7.1, 7.2    

03 Mar 19 - Version 2.2.0:    
    - Added: Option to store order details in database.
    - Updated: Email content templatized.
	- Updated: PHP version upgrade to support 7.1, 7.2  

19 Oct 18 - Version 2.1.0
	- Updated: Folder structure reorganized to modular form.
	- Added: Shipping charges every product wise.
	- Updated: PHP version upgrade to support 7.0    
	- Added: Option to edit cart from checkout page.

07 May 18 - Version 1.1.0
    - Added: PayPal payment gateway integration.
    - Added: IPN integration.
    - Updated: Add to Cart as AJAX.
    - Added: Shipping charges on total checkout.
    - Added: Cart icon option to show the cart item count.
    - Updated: Checkout changed to single page checkout experience.

23 Feb 18 - Initial Release:
    - Core development
    - Core: Add to Cart button.
    - Core: Buy Now button.
    - Core: Quantity input option.
    - Core: Responsive design
    - Core: JS Validation.
    - Core: Multi submission prevention.
    - Core: Order confirmation email.
    - Core: Mobile friendly.

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