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PayPal Checkout with Smart Payment Buttons is the latest payment gateway integration solution. There are lots of improvements done by PayPal over its previous version. This latest solution makes the job of the user easier in making payments.

What is PayPal Checkout?

PayPal Checkout makes the checkout experience easier and smoother in your shopping cart. When the user clicks the smart button, the checkout takes to a PayPal page.

PayPal retains your shopping cart checkout page in the background. This gives continuity to the user and they do not get distracted.

The user can choose to make payment using debit or credit card or PayPal account and make payment.

There is no one-time setup fee or monthly fee. The seller pays only when a sale happens and you receive money.

Up to 82% better conversion when using PayPal Checkout as claimed by PayPal.

What are Smart Payment Buttons?

Smart Payment Buttons, provide a variety of ways to customize the checkout button.

You can customize the checkout button to different sizes, color, shape and, layouts. You can also configure different payment methods and language.

What is Maia?

Maia helps the online shopping cart owners to integrate PayPal payment gateway. It enables you to finish the PayPal integration in a few minutes.

In essence, the Maia has

  1. PayPal payment gateway integration.
  2. PayPal webhook for payment notification.
  3. Ability to send an email on successful payment.
  4. Ability to store checkout data and PayPal transaction information in the database.

It is the essentials bundle for any seller who wishes to process online payments.

Who can use Maia?

If you are an online seller and you need to integrate PayPal payment gateway, then Maia is for you.

  • Micro and small online shop owners.
  • Single product sellers.
  • You are going to integrate PayPal the first time ever.
  • You do not have experience building a checkout solution.


You can integrate PayPal and enable all the below functionality in a few minutes. All you need to do is go through a configuration file and enable or disable features.

  • PayPal Checkout
    • The latest payment gateway integration solution provided by PayPal. It helps you to process payments in a checkout.
  • Smart Payment Buttons
    • Option to enable Smart Payment Buttons. It has configuration options to customize the button to suit your checkout style.
  • PayPal Webhooks
    • To receive callback notifications on PayPal events.
    • The events are payments, batch payouts, disputes, invoicing, orders, and referenced payouts.
  • Order email
    • Maia has PHPMailer as a component. It allows you to send an email on successful payments.
    • Order email template, which you can customize to suit your style.
    • This is optional. You can enable or disable it via the configuration.
  • Database entry
    • You can keep a log of checkout and PayPal transaction information.
    • This will enable you to build an admin panel around it.
    • It will also help you to support the users in case of PayPal transaction issues.
    • This is optional. You can enable or disable it via the configuration.
  • Placeholders for checkout and thank you page.


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