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Lightning fast live customer support software for any website

  • Easy to integrate in any website, get it running in few minutes.
  • Convert your visitors to customers with seamless communication.
  • Increase customer satisfaction with real time engagement.
  • State of the art performance and security.
  • Users can chat via mobile browsers.

One Line Integration

Live chat can be integrated in any webpage. The user chat window will appear with just one line of code integration. It can be done in seconds!

Multiple Staff

There can be multiple staffs created in the backend chat control panel. Each staff will have login and attend to users in separate chat instances.

Mobile Compatible

The users can initiate and have chat conversation via their mobile browsers. Optimized for mobile device based easy interaction.

Friction-less UI / UX

Convert your visitor (leads) to customers in real-time. Live human interaction at its best via minimal, clean UI and chat experience.


Users and staff can have chat conversation in any language. The live chat comes with support for multi-language.

Chat Performance

Chat works based on AJAX polling. It is fine-tuned for best performance. There will not be any lag and users will experience seamless communication.

More Features

  • 100% responsive, works well in mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop devices.
  • Configurable options to customize the performance as per your needs.
  • You can integrate Leto into your existing web page in few seconds.
  • Automatically identifies idle state and preserves server resources accordingly.
  • Minimal UI design sense followed so that you can style it to suit your website easily.
  • Staff can handle multiple user chats at the same time.
  • You can integrate chat user window in plain HTML page.
  • Feature rich administrator control panel.
  • AJAX based auto notification in control panel on new incoming chats.
  • High conversion and results in increased sales.
  • Follows minimalism concept in UI and backend.
  • With product, you will get detailed manual.
  • Multi-language user chat compatibile.
  • You can add the chat in selected pages without any conflict.

Get the best live chat

One time payment

90-day refund guarantee

You will feel happy, else get a refund (refund policy).

* Price in usd
Maximum installation
Support and updates
Support mode
Maximum team size
Installation support
Complete features
Code customization
Full source code & documentation



For large corporates

12 months
Phone, chat, email



Small business, startups, freelancers

12 months
Chat, email
Twenty developers



For individual enthusiasts

One Website
3 months
One developer

Customer’s Love

“My client websites got over 300 spam emails daily. I tried Google ReCaptcha 3 and that didn’t work on low traffic sites. ReCaptcha 2 didn’t stop all the spam either. I looked at many options, including SAAS, but didn’t like the prospect of paying monthly. In the end I used Iris with its ReCaptcha 2 feature. The Iris has completely stopped the spam. I’ve had NO spam thereafter. It is by far the most cost-effective solution. In addition, Vincy followed up on all emails I sent and has provided great customer service!”

customer photoDelwin Holeman, Owner, ID Web and Print LLC (, Georgia, United States.

Demo Video

Frequently asked questions

Will you help me for installation and configuration setup?

Yes, of course I will support you and make sure that the live chat goes live in your website.

Is there a documentation available?

Yes. You will get detailed documentation as part of the bundle.

  • An elaborate HTML manual
  • Extensive code level comments

Can I use Leto in a HTML website?

Yes. Leto user side chat can be integrated with just HTML only page. Integration is just one line JavaScript include. It can be done in seconds.

Can I use Leto in my multiple pages?

Yes. The user side chat can be included in multiple pages.

Can I use this Leto in multiple websites?

Yes. It is possible, you should buy “Company License”.

In the coming release

Following are the functionality planned for the upcoming release. It is planned in 1-Mar-2021.
  • Emoji support
  • Attachments
  • Offline messages
  • Sound notifications
  • Departments
  • Throttle and de-throttle
  • Canned response
  • Chat transcripts
  • Chat rating
  • Search Archives

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