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Easy to use WYSIWYG HTML form builder with light-weight CRUD

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  • Auto generate CRUD application with HTML form and PHP backend script.
  • Easy to customize the generated CRUD application.
  • Build a full-fledged form in minutes without any coding.
  • Integratable into an exiting application.

CRUD Form generator tool

Smooth responsive interface to build form. It has tools menu and options to add, edit, delete and reorder form fields.

Preview, generate and download

Two-step CRUD form generation. 1. Choose tools and build the CRUD form. 2. Preview form and generate code to distribute.

Easy customization

Code is sleek, too short for easy understanding and customization. Source code with optimum comments. Easy to understand, integrate and maintain.


AJAX via CRUD action handling is easier to use for the end users. Easy for the developer to customize.

Unified CRUD handlers

Form can be regenerated number of times. No matter about what are the form fields or how many are there. It has unified CRUD handlers for any form.


More Features

  • If you require, you can use only the HTML form building without CRUD.
  • Makes the job easier for developers with simple integration.
  • The power is in simplicity of customization of the generated form and backend.
  • Easy to use AJAX based clean UI.
  • 100% responsive, works well in mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop devices.
  • Interoperable with existing application software.
  • Support with inverted database schema.
  • Developed with core PHP without depending on any external frameworks.
  • Capable of generating the CRUD form in few seconds.
  • Easily customizable CRUD UI theme look and feel.
  • Support for building form with all possible form input tools.
  • Single-page form building with add, edit, delete components.
  • PSR standards compliant source code with good comments.
  • SQL injection protection.

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For large corporates

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For individual enthusiasts

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Package contents

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Frequently asked questions

Will you help me for installation and configuration setup?

Yes, of course I will support you and make sure that the address book software goes live in your website.

Is there a documentation available?

Yes. You will get detailed documentation as part of the bundle.

  • An elaborate HTML manual
  • Extensive code level comments

Do I need to learn any PHP frameworks to use this?

No. It is built using pure PHP only. There is no dependency on frameworks.

Can I use to build only a HTML form?

Yes. UI form building and backend scripts are two independent components. You can choose to use them independently.

Can I run it as SAAS application?

Yes. You should buy the “Company License”.

Is there any obfuscated or encrypted code or plugin in the application?

No. You will get 100% complete source code. You can customize any code as you wish.

Minimum requirements

  • PHP 5.6 or 7.x or 8.0 (PHP 5.6 or any version above).

Comments to “Form Builder – Dike”

  • Lonestar Jack says:

    Which input types are supported?

  • Lonestar Jack says:

    With a individual license can I have a localhost (for testing and/or a file I do not want public) and one at my hosted web server?

    • Vincy says:

      Yes, an individual license is sufficient. Your localhost (or development and testing setup) does not count as an installation.

  • Mahendra Hariyono says:

    Hi Vincy, sorry for my bad english. I have question. If i want building simple blog script with commenting system, this tool can handle it? Thank you.

  • Mark says:

    Hi Vincy,

    Does this create one form only or can several forms be created? Are they generated as individual pages?

    PS, I love your story.

    • Vincy says:

      Hi Mark,

      Dike will generate a HTML form and CRUD module for that form. You can create any number (repeat the process) of forms but each will be a standalone unit.

      I am glad that you love my story :-)

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