PHP RSS Feed Read and List

November 7, 2014
PHP provides simplexml_load_file() function for reading data from XML file. We have seen about this function in Simple XML Parser tutorial. Using this function, we are going to read RSS feeds by passing the feed URL to this function. In this tutorial, we are parsing RSS feed and splitting it into an object array. By […]
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PHP XML Reader

November 19, 2013
XML Reader extension is used to create XML parser to walk through an XML document. This is the last one among the list of PHP core XML parsing techniques we have seen. This parser is referred as stream-based XML parser and also called as pull parser. Before PHP version 5.1.0, XML Reader extension was part […]
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PHP XML Parser

November 18, 2013
PHP XML parser is used to perform event-based parsing on XMLs. This extension uses Expat XML parser library to implement the event-based parser. As like other core XML parsers of PHP, it also uses the libxml extension. XML parser supports ISO-8859-1, US-ASCII and UTF-8 character encoding. Did you find something annoying with this? Yes, the […]
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PHP DOM Parser

November 17, 2013
DOM is a tree-based parser, used as an API to manipulate XML in PHP. Before PHP 5, we should add the domxml extension to use DOM parsers. From PHP 5, the libxml extension is used. Since libxml is available as part of PHP core, we need not install or enable anything explicitly to use DOM […]
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PHP SimpleXML Parser

November 15, 2013
In the last tutorial, I gave an introduction to XML parsers in PHP and let us recollect key information from that. SimpleXML parser, requires libxml extension is an easy and simple to use tool for XML parsing requires PHP 5 or above is a tree-based parser is interoperable with DOM parsers and can parse DOM […]
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Parse XML in PHP – Introduction

November 14, 2013
In PHP, parsing XML file is done using different extensions available. Using these extensions we can access, modify, validate and do much more things on an XML document. Parsing techniques used by these PHP XML parser extensions are, tree-based, stream-based and event-based parsing. In this article, we are going to see an introduction for these […]
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