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PHP Watermark

January 30, 2014
Adding watermark in PHP is very simple. It can be done using PHP image libraries like GD. Using GD functions, we can use text or image as watermark onto a target layer/document. PHP / GD Text Watermarking Text watermarking functions are, imagestring() – Adding text string into images imagettftext() – Adding text into images using […]
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PHP Captcha

July 31, 2013
When allowing users to enter data into our website, we need to check whether the data is entered by the human. Otherwise, people will use robots to push the bulk of unwanted data into the website. It will cause a lot of problems like XSS attack or increase server load to down the website. CAPTCHA is one of […]
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PHP Image Resize

July 19, 2013
While displaying images for our websites, it is important to ensure that it could be set within our layout boundary. If not, we need to resize these images, accordingly.  In PHP, resizing an image, it can be achieved by using a set of PHP functions to create a new image from scratch, with the given […]
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Get Image Properties using PHP

June 20, 2013
The data or Information that are associated with an image is called as metadata of the images. For example, image type, image width, and height, attributes, created date, last modified date and etc. This information are not obvious to the user on simply viewing the images. In this article, we have to see how to […]
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