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Load Dependent Dropdown on Multi-Select using PHP and jQuery

May 29, 2018
Dependent dropdowns are multiple dropdown fields whose values depends on the other dropddown and they are loaded dynamically based on user selection. The data based on which the dependent dropdown options are loaded could be supplied as an input or computed pro grammatically also. For example, If we want to show the language locale in […]
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Country-State-City Example: Cascading jQuery Dependent Dropdown

April 24, 2018
Dropdown field with a lengthy list of options may confuse users most of the time. Dynamically loading options and populating UI fields with values on need basis will help the user and give a best user experience. If the dropdown options depend on any other data like user’s location, a region then we can load the specific list of options […]
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AJAX Pagination with PHP

March 11, 2017
In this tutorial, we are going to see an example PHP code to add pagination to a list of records retrieved from database. I am using AJAX to fetch records for each page from database with jQuery. In a previous tutorial, we have seen already about AJAX pagination. In this example, I have added an option to […]
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Facebook Like Header Notification in PHP

November 22, 2016
In Facebook like social networking websites, we can see notification alert in the page header. In this tutorial, we are going to add such header notification to notify the user about latest data. This will be helpful to keep the user updated by notifying what is new. In this example, we have a notification icon […]
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Sorting MySQL Row Order using jQuery

January 31, 2015
In this tutorial we are going to learn how to change the MySQL row order. We are using jQuery to display sortable list of MySQL rows. We are using jQuery sortable() function to change the row order by drag and drop the rows. After changing we should save the new order in database. View Demo […]
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PHP Captcha using jQuery AJAX

December 10, 2014
Captcha code in a form is used for ensuring that the form is submitted with manual intervention without any tools or programs. In the previous tutorial, we have seen how to add captcha in PHP. In this tutorial, we are using jQuery AJAX for getting captcha image from PHP. Using jQuery we can also refresh […]
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PHP AJAX Programming

May 8, 2013
AJAX can be expanded as  Asynchronous Javascript and XML and it is a method to request a server side script to execute via javascript. This request is generated in a Javascript function and sent to a PHP file. In server side, PHP file it receives and processes the request passed through an AJAX call and send […]
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