How to Create Barcode Generator using PHP

September 30, 2018
Barcode is a machine-readable ident bundled with data about an entity. It is particularly used to store product-related data like price, code, manufacturing date, and similar data.  In this tutorial, we are going to create PHP code for generating barcodes. I used the tc-lib-barcode library for creating barcodes using PHP. If you are looking for a QR code […]
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Forecast Weather using OpenWeatherMap with PHP

September 24, 2018
In this tutorial, we are going to create a PHP application to display weather forecast information using an API. I have used OpenWeatherMap service to implement this with PHP. We will just grab the weather information provided by the API and display it in the application. View Demo This is one of the best API service […]
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How to Implement OTP SMS Mobile Verification in PHP with TextLocal

September 4, 2018
OTP is an effective way of validating users. This type of validation is widely followed by the banking applications, e-commerce software, and many more verticals. In this tutorial, we are going to see how to implement OTP SMS mobile number verification using PHP. There are various APIs available in the market for sending SMS via […]
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Support for PHP frameworks in the CodeLobster IDE

July 23, 2018
Sooner or later, but each developer will get the task to execute the project not only qualitatively, but also as quickly as possible. So it has happened with me. It was necessary to think, with the help of what is it possible to accelerate the work? Of course, with the help of ready-made solutions! If […]
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How to Generate QR Code in PHP

June 11, 2018
The QR code or Quick Response code is a kind of 2D barcode used to store information. Initially, it is designed for the automotive industry but later it is used across all domains for the simplicity of data storing mechanism. In QR code the data storage can be done with the various type of encoding […]
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Search Videos by Keyword using PHP YouTube Data API

May 11, 2018
If you want to list YouTube Videos on your web page, you need to access the Google API YouTube Data API library. In a previous tutorial, we have already seen how to use YouTube Data API V3 library to get the Video title and description. Using this API library, we can get other YouTube data resources […]
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Extracting Title Description Thumbnail using Youtube Data API

May 3, 2018
YouTube Data API library can be used to implement API based access to YouTube videos. Using this library we can extract video data like title, description, video thumbnail, create playlists, channels and more. You can refer more code samples available with the YouTube Data API library. For accessing this library from our PHP application we […]
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PHP Calendar Event Management using FullCalendar JavaScript Library

April 11, 2018
Managing events in a calendar will be intuitive for the users. In the form based event management, the user has to enter more data like event title, from-date to-date and more. But in calendar view management user can give only the title by selecting the date. It will facilitate the user to quickly manage his […]
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Creating Dynamic Data Graph using PHP and Chart.js

March 31, 2018
If we want to visualize statistics, graphs are one of the best ways of representation. Understanding data becomes easy and obvious with the use of graphs. There are various charting libraries like Google Charts, Highcharts, Chart.js and more. Previously, we have created example code to generate the graph using Highcharts. Let us create an example for […]
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Convert HTML to PDF with DocRaptor

March 7, 2018
Generating PDFs is a common programming task. PDFs are used to make invoices, receipts, eBooks, publishing documents and more. Unfortunately, programmatic generation of PDF can be difficult, especially if you need to generate many PDFs rapidly. DocRaptor is an HTML-to-PDF API that greatly simplifies the problem, and they have a PHP library for easy integration. […]
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