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How to Create Multiple Thumbnails While Uploading Image

November 14, 2018
Generally, thumbnails are created to reduce the image dimensions and size. Creating thumbnails for the uploaded images is the good practice. By using thumbnails instead of the original image, it will help to contain them into the application layout. Also, the thumbnail image loading time will be optimistically lesser. In this article, we are going […]
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jQuery Ajax Image Upload with Animating Progress Bar

July 9, 2018
Image / file upload should always have a progress bar. It is a feature that most of the developers ignore. It should be seen as part of the functionality. The users cannot sit in the dark and keep guessing about the background progress.  When the user requests the server to perform some operation, it is […]
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PHP Image Upload with Size Type Dimension Validation

March 8, 2018
File upload feature requires basic validations to sanitize the user input. There is a huge chance of exploiting a file upload option with malicious intent. Improper implementation of a file upload input increases security vulnerability. We need to validate the uploaded files before saving them on the server to reduce the vulnerability. View Demo I […]
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PHP Image Upload using TinyMCE Editor

February 12, 2018
TinyMCE is the popular WYSIWYG HTML Editor. It stands for Tiny Moxiecode Content Editor. It supports text formatting, image upload and modification, table insert and more features. TinyMCE rich text editor allows uploading images from various sources. It has input options to paste the image source URL, to select images from the clipboard and choose […]
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PHP Image Upload Using DropzoneJs

January 2, 2018
In this article, I will walk you through to implement image upload using DropzoneJS. It provides a nice and flexible interface it to the user. It allows the user to upload files by using drag and drop. Also, it allows the users to explore the files and folders for choosing files to be uploaded via Dropzone. […]
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Twitter Like Profile Image Upload using jQuery AJAX

April 10, 2017
Twitter-like social media websites provide the photo upload feature with a list of action bar items, related to the upload process. These actions may be Insert New Photo, Update Photo, Cancel Upload or Remove Photo. On clicking the upload photo link, these options are shown to the user in a floating HTML element by using […]
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Pause Resume File Upload using JavaScript

April 7, 2017
In this tutorial, we are going to see how to implement file upload with pause and resume options using FineUploader. These options will be useful when you upload large size files consuming time to move it to the target. In that cases, the ongoing file upload process can be paused and resumed. FineUploader is a nice […]
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Multiple File Upload using Fine Uploader

March 31, 2017
In this tutorial, we are going to see how to upload multiple files using PHP. I am using “Fine Uploader” a JavaScript, open source and free library. Also, fine-uploader has no dependencies. It is simple and easy to understand. It shows a progress bar during upload and preview for the uploaded files in a gallery form.  Using this […]
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PHP AJAX Image Upload

January 3, 2014
Uploading image via an AJAX function is easy and simple to implement in out page. In a previous tutorial, we have seen PHP image upload example without AJAX. In this example, I have added code for doing PHP image upload with AJAX without reloading the page.  I use jQuery AJAX to implement image upload. There […]
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Uploading Files using PHP

May 2, 2013
PHP provides built-in function move_uploaded_file() for uploading files to a directory. This function requires two parameters, those are the source file and the destination for the moved file. This function will check if the uploaded file is posted via HTTP POST method to protect the file data. The is_uploaded_file is used to check if the file is uploaded […]
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