Publish Multi-Photo Stories using Facebook API with PHP SDK

August 15, 2018
Facebook supports PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF and TIFF format photos for uploading to a post or Facebook page. Facebook supports publishing single or multi-photo stories using Facebook API. I have used Facebook PHP SDK for publishing the multi-photo stories in this tutorial. The implementation will be as simple as that programming with Facebook API to get user […]
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How to Upload and Read Facebook User Photos using PHP SDK

August 14, 2018
Facebook provides options for uploading photos or videos via the interface. We can also post photos, videos, text data to Facebook by using their API. We can create our own application interface and use the Facebook API and post. Facebook gives different channels to post photos or videos depending on the platform. Here, I have […]
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How to Read Facebook Feed Posts using PHP SDK

August 6, 2018
Facebook feed includes posts, links and more data published by the Facebook users. Facebook API contains edges to make connections between data objects. These edges are used to read the collection of objects from Facebook with respect to the user, page as specified in the request URL. In this example, we have used the {user_id}/feed […]
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Gmail Email Inbox using PHP with IMAP

July 31, 2018
Gmail is the God of all email services. It took the world by storm by providing unlimited storage and exceptional interface. It would be nice if we can create a custom web UI interface for the Gmail service. In this article I will present you the PHP code for creating inbox with the emails from […]
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Trello Like Drag and Drop Cards for Project Management Software

July 17, 2018
Effective project management is a critical need for a project success. To ensure that, we cannot depend only on the human resources for managing projects. Managers need to be armed with the best project management software. In this competitive fast moving world, we need a rapid, never dying, efficient routine for managing projects. The project management […]
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Getting Started with IoT using Raspberry Pi and PHP

June 6, 2018
Why don’t we take a diversion from the contiguous, diehard learning of as usual PHP programming? Let us have some fun by getting started with Raspberry Pi IoT projects in PHP. I swear this experience will boost your enthusiasm towards programming. In this tutorial, I have given an introduction to IoT, Raspberry Pi essentials, a hello world and […]
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Simple PHP LinkedIn OAuth Login Integration

May 25, 2018
OAuth is an open standard for to provide authentication and authorization based on a token to applications. By integrating LinkedIn OAuth with our web or mobile application, we can allow our users to access LinkedIn data with valid credentials and authenticate themselves into our application. In this article, we are going to add the option […]
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Track Individual Logged in Users using Google Analytics

April 30, 2018
In general, Google Analytics provides aggregate statistics. It gives us enormous ability and insights into the website traffic. Is it really possible to track individual users in Google Analytics? Yes. Its a big YES! Because, some of the forums claim that it is not possible. It is possible if your application has a login (authentication) […]
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Sage Pay Payment Gateway Integration using PHP

March 9, 2018
Sage Pay payment gateway integration is easier to implement in websites. Sage Pay provides API access for requesting payment process from our website. This type of payment integration can be done in three ways using Sage Pay checkout pages, Sage Pay drop-in checkout and using own form. People having experience in any kind of payment integration […]
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Adding Custom Markers on Map using Google Maps Javascript API

December 27, 2017
Adding custom marker on the map layer will be useful to show custom information with iconic representation as per the user interest. For example,  if the user wants to mark census data then the custom markers can be used instead of the default map markers to show the variations in the population strength. In this […]
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