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jQuery UI Color Picker without Bootstrap

May 23, 2018
There are many popular colorpicker plugins available in the market. Previously, we have seen an example to implement jQuery colorpicker with Bootstrap.  There are many websites that that do not prefer to use Bootstrap for UI citing reasons that Bootstrap is too heavy. So in this article let use how to implement a color picker […]
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How to Code Tic Tac Toe Game in jQuery

January 4, 2018
In this article, we are going to learn to code the Tic Tac Toe game using jQuery. I will present you a code and it will show a single player Tic Tac Toe game panel to the user. In this game, the user will play with the computer. It is designed with the simple logic to […]
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jQuery Custom Dropdown with Checkbox

September 23, 2017
In this tutorial, I will present about creating a custom dropdown box which has list of options with checkboxes. In this custom UI field, multi-select option is also available. I have managed to develop this with just few lines of code by using jQuery functions like toggle(), show() and hide(). In this example, I have […]
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Responsive Datatables with Automatic Column Hiding

June 27, 2017
Responsive Datatables allows automatic column hiding based on the size of the viewport. The responsiveness can be added by specifying class=’responsive’ in the HTML or by setting the responsive option as true while initializing Datatable. The automatic column hiding will happen from the right by default. That is, the rightmost columns will be hidden when the […]
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Highcharts – Compare Data using Column Chart

February 1, 2017
Highcharts provides various type of beautiful chart components. It is useful to present data in an interactive graphical representation. There are the pie chart, bar chart, column chart, line chart and lot more different chart formats. It is a client-side chart component based on Javascript and it can be easily implemented in our web projects.  […]
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Change Theme using jQuery Split Button

April 4, 2016
In this post, we are going to see how to change theme color using jQuery. We have an example with a split button having two parts. One is for default theme and the other is to browse more themes. In this example, we have three themes Mercury, Sky, Gold and separate CSS files for these […]
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Switch CSS Class Using jQuery

March 24, 2016
In this post, we are going to switch the CSS class using jQuery. In a previous post, we have seen how to switch CSS file based on the screen size to make page responsive. We have an example showing an image icon which is smaller on page load. And then we are switching the class […]
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Switch CSS Based on Window Size using jQuery

March 17, 2016
Here we are going to see an example to switch CSS file dynamically based on the window size. In this example code, we are having two CSS files. One is for the web and the other is for the mobile viewport. We are having a jQuery function to switch CSS based on window size. This […]
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Equal Height Columns with jQuery

March 16, 2016
In a multi-column template, the columns height is based on the content length. If the content lengths are varied then the columns will not be even and will not have a good look and feel. We can do this dynamically to equate the column heights. We have an example of a two-column template. These two […]
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jQuery News Ticker

March 7, 2016
jQuery News Ticker is used to marquee list of text one by one. Previously I launched MangoTicker a responsive news ticker plugin using Javascript. Now we are going to see a simple news ticker example using jQuery. In this example, we are going to achieve it using few lines of code. And, we are not […]
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