jQuery Menu

How to Create Horizontal Scrolling Menu using jQuery and PHP

July 24th, 2019
Horizontal scrolling menu to make your menu interface responsive with a huge list of menu items in a single menu bar with step by step examp

jQuery Sliding Menu

September 26th, 2016
Usually, menu bar occupies some spaces in a web page. By using sliding menu we can have more space to display the main content. In previous

Responsive Menu with jQuery and CSS

June 2nd, 2016
Responsive design for our web page is used to make the page to be flexible for various screen sizes. Previously, we have seen about how to c

jQuery Menu Slider

August 25th, 2015
This jQuery menu slider used to move menu links horizontally on hover. It shows a list of menu labels and highlights active menu with the sc

jQuery Active Menu Highlight

June 21st, 2015
There are various ways to highlight the active menu item. In this tutorial, we are using jQuery and CSS for adding menu highlighting style d

jQuery Scrolling Menu

June 11th, 2015
Scrolling menu bar over the page scroll will increase menu usability. It helps a user to reach menu area easily. In a previous tutorial, we

jQuery Mega Menu

March 14th, 2015
Mega menu is used to simplify user navigation by covering a maximum list of items in a menu dropdown. Using this we can avoid multiple level

jQuery Expand Collapse All

October 19th, 2014
The expand collapse functions are used for expanding or collapsing menu structured or tree structured list of items. There are various plug-

jQuery Menu Dropdown

November 20th, 2013
In this tutorial, we are going to show dropdown menu using jQuery and CSS. By adding the dropdown feature to the menu, we can make our menu

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