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How to Add Avatar Defaults in WordPress

July 17, 2017
Avatar is used to represent a person by using an icon which will generally have a profile photo image. It is catchy to use images instead of names and also images register easily that a textual name. WordPress supports the avatar images to represent the author of a post or the users who add comments. […]
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How to Create WordPress Widget

February 28, 2017
Widgets are used to add content to a WordPress page programmatically without disturbing theme templates. The sidebar is the default area to add widget content. Also, we can register our own widget area and add widgets to it. WordPress contains some default widgets Search, Category, Tags and more. In WordPress admin, we can see Widgets […]
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How to Create Shortcode in WordPress

February 21, 2017
In WordPress, Shortcode is a feature to insert content into a post or a page programmatically. Shortcode will work if it is specified inside a page or post content. Otherwise, we have to add the do_shortcode hook to use a shortcode outside the content. In a previous WordPress tutorial, I have used shortcode feature to insert advertisement banner […]
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Adding Custom Field to WordPress Post

December 5, 2016
In WordPress there some default fields in add new post form. These are the title, HTML description, category, tags. If we want to add more information to our post, WordPress provides an option to enable custom fields. This additional information added with the custom fields are called as post meta. This metadata is stored in […]
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How to Create Custom Taxonomy in WordPress

March 3, 2016
Taxonomy is a feature to group content like posts, links in a structured way. For example, category and tag are the inbuilt taxonomies in WordPress to group posts. The category is a hierarchical taxonomy and the tag is an example of non-hierarchical taxonomy. WordPress allows us to create custom taxonomies. It can be either hierarchical […]
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WordPress Custom Walker

February 11, 2016
WordPress Walker class helps to parse a formatted result generated by the functions like wp_nav_menu(), wp_list_categories(). WordPress allows creating custom walker class to do changes with these formatted result. In this tutorial, we are going to see how to make changes in category list displayed by wp_list_categories(). We are creating a custom walker and sending […]
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How to Get WordPress Categories

February 2, 2016
In WordPress there are many in-built functions to get all categories. These are, wp_list_categories(), get_categories(), wp_dropdown_categories() and wp_terms_checklist(). These functions are varied based on the output format of the category result they return. These WordPress functions accept a list of optional parameters to filter categories. These parameter lists can be an array or a query […]
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WordPress Featured Image

January 7, 2016
In this WordPress tutorial, we are going to see what is featured image and how to add this to a post. Featured images are used to have a rich look and feel. They can be used to display posts like a gallery. For adding featured image to the posts we have to let the theme […]
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Error Establishing a Database Connection WordPress Fix

October 14, 2015
How to fix the “Error Establishing a Database Connection” error in WordPress. This is one of the most dreaded error in WordPress. In this WordPress tutorial, we will see about the causes of this WordPress error and how to fix it. This error is frustrating for both the users as well as the WordPress blogger. […]
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WordPress Child Theme Template

October 6, 2015
A child theme inherits the styles and functionality of an another existing theme which becomes the parent theme. Child themes are the best way to modify an existing theme. In this WordPress tutorial lets us learn about creating a child theme template with an example. Why should we use a WordPress Child Theme? Following are […]
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WordPress XML-RPC Update Services to Ping

February 26, 2015
When we post a new or update an existing article in our blog, we should use the “WordPress Update Services” to inform other sites and services. Update services are tools that can be used for external notification. WordPress automatically notifies update services by XML-RPC ping each time when the blog is updated. Subsequently, those update […]
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How to Create a Minimal WordPress Theme

December 4, 2013
Creating a minimal WordPress custom theme is simple. In this tutorial let us walk through the steps to create a WordPress theme. Create new theme folder. Create WordPress theme-specific files like header, footer, and stylesheets. Add styles to the new theme.  Before starting with these steps, it is better to have a local setup of […]
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Add PHP page in WordPress

August 24, 2013
WordPress is on of the best blogging platform and PhpPot also uses it as a platform. I am planning to write a lot more on WordPress and this tutorial is first from that series. This is the scenario, we have a custom PHP page which we want to integrate with the WordPress blog. Our PHP […]
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Insert Ads (Content) in WordPress Post

May 19, 2013
How can we insert Google Adsense Ads or some similar content in mind of a WordPress post article? In Adsense, it is better to have the ad in the middle of the article for better revenue. There are two ways of inserting content into the post. 1. Dynamically we can parse the post content and […]
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WordPress Installation

April 12, 2013
WordPress is the widely used CMS for creating blogs. Installing WordPress is a very easy and simple process. It will take too less time to complete the Installation. There are many providers in the market makes the one-step WordPress installation possible by clicking the installer tool. In this tutorial, we are going to see the prerequisites and the […]
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