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How to Become a Full Time Freelance PHP Developer and Consultant

June 3, 2016
When someone, simply affluent, could be smart enough in hiring you for the skills and imagination that he probably doesn’t possess, what stops you from being smart for your own good?  Perhaps you would have been waiting for a push. If yes, this is it. Having stuck in an insipid workplace with passion and creativity […]
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Execution Time Limit in PHP

June 19, 2013
In PHP, the default time for executing program is 30 seconds. This will be set in php.ini file and the directive corresponding to this configuration setting is named as max_execution_time. The value of this directive is expected to be in seconds. If it is 0, meaning that, there is infinite time limit to allow a […]
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php.ini File

May 21, 2013
While installing PHP, this file is provided with PHP installation settings. For that, it includes set of directives provided with respective values. These directives are of two types based on the values they have. These are, Value Directive – It contains values with respect to the name of the directive. For example, include_path is a […]
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May 15, 2013
This function is used to know about configuration details of PHP installed in our machine. Such detailed information returned by this phpinfo() includes, platform information, PHP and server environment, HTTP header information, PHP core details like version and directives status, License information and etc. phpinfo() function has an optional argument. If this functions is called […]
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XAMPP Installation in Windows 7

April 15, 2013
Before running a php program, it is necessary to install Apache, Mysql and PHP. Based on the operating system on top of which thease three softwares are running, the server is classified. For example, apche , Mysql and PHP running in windows,linux,MAC is called as WAMP,LAMP,MAMP packages and also called as SAMPs for Solaris system […]
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Unique Features of PHP

April 14, 2013
PHP language has support features of other languages like c, Perl and etc. It also has some unique features of it’s own. Some of them are listed below in this article. In PHP there is no need to specify data type for variable declaration. Rather, it can be determined at the time of execution depends […]
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PHP in Website Development Era

April 11, 2013
PHP has an unique place in website development. It was introduced at a right time when web based business were in new trend. Soon it became one of the heavily used language for creating online applications. Few basic reasons are, simple language structure easy installation procedure clean documentation free license. Apart from the above, PHP […]
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